Curricular/Non-curricular Programs

The <Age of Disgust, the Response of Humanities> Agenda Project is developing and operating curricular/noncurricular programs
for better comprehension of the era of Disgust in consideration of the next generation of learners.

The curricular programs examine Disgust through the eyes of Humanities and guide us to have the insights to critically examine our lives.

<The Aesthetics of Grotesque, Disgust, and Discomfort>, offered since the 1st Semester of 2021, is a general education course for the undergraduate programs and identifies the discrimination, suppression, and Disgust issues that have rooted in our lives through sculptural art, photography, animation, and literature, in search of the negative aspects and clues for solutions.

Noncurricular programs are for undergraduate and graduate students and consist of educational contents on more essential questions and current issues that cannot be discussed in the curricular programs. These occasional programs help with the essential awareness of the next generation and provide more specific channel of understanding to realize the limitations and possibilities of community lives.

<Sight of Strangeness, Disgust, Fear, and Discomfort (February 2021)> has been added to the noncurricular programs. The program offers a way to comprehend the essential meaning of Disgust with a visual image expert.

The programs included four sessions hosted by Professor Moon Jung Lee (Ewha Women's Univ., Art Theory, <Art Between Disgust and Seduction>, Pyeong Jong Park (Chungang Univ., Aesthetics of Photography, <Iconography of Abnormality: Deformation and Monstrosity>), Jae Gul Lee (Chungang Univ., Art History, <Aesthetics of Grotesque and Discomfort>), and Soo Kyung Jung (CHA University, Aesthetics, <Beyond Disgust>).