Empathetic Humanities Center

We collect and organize various professional resources on Disgust by topic and type.
We use them to support the efficiency of HK+ Agenda Research.
By doing so, we contribute to the studies related to Disgust conducted in Korea and abroad.

<Empathetic Humanities Center> is the new name for Sookmyung Research Institute of Humanities' regional humanities center.

The Center is dedicated to studying hatred that has become a global social issue and bringing the outcomes to the public for discourses on overcoming hatred.

<Empathetic Humanities Center> has established 'three topics on Humanities,' including Empathy (共感), Cooperation (共助), and Coexistence (共存), to construct a solidarity of humanities for the local communities and people to coexist.

Based on the performance of Agenda Research on hatred, we plan Humanities courses, experience, and festivals and provide various Humanities programs for the local community.

Phone 02-710-9432 / 02-2077-7910
Hours 10:00-17:00