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The <Age of Disgust, the Response of Humanities> Agenda Project conducts various analyses and interpretations on Disgust
in terms of race, gender, senior, disease-disability, nonhuman, etc., exploring the value behind Disgust
through interdisciplinary studies. The Agenda Research constructs an archive for convenience purposes and systematically
collects and organizes various professional resources and research outcomes related to Disgust.
The Archive is structuralized into 'public report,' 'research resources,' and 'media resources' to be the basic foundation of
our Agenda Research. The Archive of the <Age of Disgust, the Response of Humanities> Agenda Project involves
various areas of social science, science and technology, and culture/arts in addition to the major areas of Humanities.
The Archive will be the soil of traversal humanities and contribute to further studies on Disgust and beyond in Korea and abroad.

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