The 2020 Humanities Korea Plus (HK+) Project - Celebrating the 2nd Year <Age of Disgust, the Response of Humanities> is a reward of Sookmyung Research Institute of Humanities accomplished in just three years of pursuit of practical humanities. .

Disgust has penetrated our society to cause serious conflicts and damage in various ways. The infection of disgust is not that simple. Disgust is spreading not only as a tool for existence but also as a weapon of social exclusion against other beings and a barbaric measure for profit. What has made today the era of disgust? How has disgust become a prominent sign of our society?

The team explores humanities with other adjacent philosophies to address today's disgust, how disgust actually appears around us in various facets of the society—race, gender, senior, diseases, disabilities, matters, and machines—and ultimately, how the 21st Century has conceived all these issues. The team plans to constantly share with the general public the outcomes of studies conducted for seven years within the scope of empathetic humanities and search for alternative values and community directions to combat the societal ills of disgust. The team welcomes the support and participation of anyone who is interested in the issues we face today.

As the Institute of Humanities communicates with the world, we will always endeavor to keep abreast of and confront the issues of our time.

Thank you.


In Chan Park